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Panasonic are leaving the telecoms market

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VoIP Options

Another sad day for telecoms has come, as Panasonic announce that they are withdrawing from the market. They join fellow giants like Toshiba who have become a casualty of the new VoIP driven industry.

Traditionally the Panasonics have been a very robust, and reliable system. This was mainly down to keeping things simple with limited functionality, which meant there was less to go wrong.

The market is now dominated by VoIP, and with BT making the traditional digital ISDN and analogue lines end of life, it signalled the final transition to IP based phone solutions.

Covid 19 has provided the final nail in the coffin, as the sudden and drastic requirement for home working could not be facilitated by a lot of the older systems, which lead a lot of customers to start looking at the new more flexible VoIP solutions.

This latest withdrawal is going to leave a lot of schools and businesses with legacy hardware, with a limited shelf life.

Panasonic are obligated to support the systems for 2 years following their announcement, but we would advise schools and businesses look at updating sooner rather than later, as although the equipment is supported, there will come a time when spare parts are limited. It is a big risk to run a system that is end of life, if a part were to break, and then it could take a couple of days to source spare parts.

The new VoIP solutions are a lot more cost effective, with the phones utilising the internet, there is very little physical infrastructure required, which allows any rentals to be reduced drastically, along with free calls.

VoIP’s flexibility and mobility allows users to stay fully connected to their office phones from anywhere. Mobile apps and softphones allow them to connect when at home or out on the road.

If you wanted to talk to someone about the Panasonic withdrawal and VoIP options, you can contact us on 03713210101 or sales@

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