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Talking Business’ unique wireless solution is optimised for the hospitality industry, but we have a wireless solution that can be adapted to suit whatever your business needs. 
With each guest potentially bringing their own device - a smart phone, iPad or tablet, laptop or work phone there has never been more demand on hospitality wireless network. It’s one of the first things a guest does after checking in, and the most common complaint when found lacking. 
Talking Business uses Meru wireless, whose copyrighted technology has a unique way of navigating the problems occurred in the hospitality industry. Firstly, its single channel design is perfect for a complicated building layout, providing signal in areas other wireless networks just can’t reach. With a single channel of wireless coverage blanketing the building, more channels can also be layered on top. This means that bandwidth can be separated by channel layer allowing restricted access on different layers. This would allow limited access to free users, more extensive access for premium customers, or better wireless, and complete access for staff. 


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Talking Business have a choice of suppliers to ensure our recommendation will be a perfect fit for your business. 
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