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Cloud Phone System
Despite the increased threat to cyber security, there continues to be an exponential growth in SMEs who recognize the benefits in flexibility and cost savings by moving to a cloud solution for their business phone systems.  
So, if you've not yet moved over and want to know what you're missing out on, Talking Business have put together ten great reasons to get going. 
Investing in a cloud phone system for your business
1. Cost savings  
The cost savings are significant, with free UK calls and no line rental. 
2. Centralised management  
Cloud based phones are ideally suited for multiple locations. Perfect for smaller branch offices to be connected on one phone system with centralised management. 
3. Moveable phone numbers  
With the cloud solutions, phone numbers become virtual and are no longer tied down to a physical area code. If you're moving premises, your phone numbers can be easily moved. Your company can advertise to a local audience with a local area code without having an office there. 
4. Click to dial 
Allows for easy call control from PCs and integration with CRM systems for features like 'click to dial' and a screen pop which shows all the relevant customer caller and account information when a call comes in. 
5. Measurement and Tracking 
Reporting packages allow for a complete analysis of calls in and out of the business, allowing KPIs to be measured for outbound sales teams. It also means you can keep track of costs. 
6. Great for one the move employees 
Remote working for employees is made easier with a cloud system. Plug in to a laptop or use an app on a smartphone and you can make calls and work from home or on the go. Ideal for when you have sales staff on the move. 
7. Simple portal for management  
There is no need to be an IT expert with the simple cloud management portal for management of call flow, diverts and groups. 
8. Plug and go 
Really simple to set up, only an internet connection is required to plug the phones into. 
9. Flexibility 
Tailored packages to suit you - cloud-based phone systems are flexible for whatever business requirements you have. 
10. Great Call Quality 
With the rollout of fibre broadband or FTTC, call quality issues are a thing of the past. 
Talking Business will guide you in selecting the right cloud phone system package and we take care of all the implementation, meaning you can sit back in the knowledge that you're in good hands! Give us a call now on 0371 321 01 01 to see how we can help. 

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